Confessions of a YouTube Makeup Guru: AllThatGlitters21


If you haven’t seen AllThatGlitters21 work her glossy magic on YouTube check her out here and, of course, subscribe! Also, be sure to stop by and take a look at the Glitzy Glam Stor owned by Elle and her sister, Blair.

Q: Let’s start with the basics!  What is your name and age?
My name is Elle and I am 20 years old (but 21 in May!)

Q: Do you have any nicknames?
Omg I don’t even know! Elle is a pretty short name so people don’t really NEED a nickname for me, but some of my closest YouTube friends call me Ellealie, which is a combination of Elle and Rosalie from Twilight (one of my obsessions). I secretly love the name Ellealie, I even named one of my lip glosses after that nickname, Ellealie’s Lullaby.

Q: Does anyone ever tell you that you look like someone famous? If so, who?
Yes I get all sorts of that on my videos. The main two are Blake Lively (Serena from Gossip Girl) and Kate Hudson. Both these women are beautiful so I am not complaining!

Q: We always see you sitting down on camera! How tall are you?
I am 5’8, which is a nice height, although sometimes I wish I were an inch or two shorter so I could wear heels and not TOWER over everyone. I wear them anyway though, rock on what you have ladies!

Q: How long have you been doing videos on YouTube? What got you started doing them?
I started in July 2008. I was googling a Nars foundation and came across a video by Lollipop26 and immediately fell into the obsession! I decided to just make my own and see what would happen – and look where it got me!

Q: You have so many fans!  How does it feel to have nearly 28,000 people care about you and your opinions?
It is crazy! I honestly don’t really know how that happened. I suppose every makeup guru on YouTube would say the same thing – that they never expected to get where they are today! My subscribers and viewers are what make it fun though, and I learn from them as much as they learn from me. I do this for fun, and I don’t take myself too seriously. I do not pretend to be a professional, or better than any one of my viewers.


Q: Do all of your family, friends, and housemates know about your videos? Have you ever asked your housemates to make guest appearances?
Yes everyone knows about it now. When I first started only my immediate family and my housemates knew about it, but now pretty much everyone does. Everyone is really supportive about it, and my housemates think It’s really cool. They like that they have a makeup artist in the house at their beck and call with a ton of products! They all watch my videos, and sometimes I will hear my voice coming out of one of their rooms, which is weird, because I LIVE with them!! They are with me all the time! Sam made a brief appearance in my bloopers video, but I am sure they would be in one if I wanted them to be.

Q: We know you love your subscribers! But is there anything that you get sick of being told or asked?
I don’t like it when people belittle me or tell me I am doing something wrong. The thing is, I understand some people are trying to help, but I know others are just being brats. If I was to sit here and preach that I am the best and I know everything, then I would expect that more – but I don’t do that at all! On the contrary, I sit there and say I am NOT a professional! I am just having fun!

Q: What do your friends and family think about your beauty product obsession?
They completely understand! Well, they might not understand it, but they tolerate it and know that my obsession can’t be helped. Honestly, YouTube is such an enabler! Products I didn’t even want before I want after seeing another Guru use it in a beautiful way. My housemates like it because they have pretty much free access to use the products, and sometimes they inherit freebies.

Q: We know you get a TON of questions about Blair being your sister.  So just one more. Why do you think people have such a hard time accepting that you two are actually sisters?
I have no idea!! It is insane how many people write me messages asking me if she is secretly just my best friend and we pretend to be sisters. Why would we do that lol?! I think we look alike, we have the same face shape, just different coloring. She has my moms coloring (dark brown hair, dark eyes), and I have my dads (blonde hair, blue-green eyes). And yes, I am a natural blonde! Even though I do highlight it to add depth. Maybe people can’t accept it because they find one of us, and then… omg there’s TWO?! How did that happen!?

Q: Blair has followed in your makeup loving footsteps. Do you think your littlest sister, Hannah, will as well?
You know, it seems like it now – but she’s just so little!!! She is so young I don’t even know how her personality is going to develop. I am already moved out of the house and Blair will in a few years, so for 10 years she is going to be an “only child” in the house. She is such a sweet little girl though… I’m sure she will be a beauty when she grows up!

Q: You always look so glam in your videos! Do you ever leave the house without doing your makeup?
Very rarely! Not because I feel uncomfortable, but because makeup makes me happy. I honestly I have SO MUCH of it. I need to use it up and play with it every day!

Q: What are a few of your “obsessions” right now (foods, designers, TV shows, songs, etc.)?
I have all sorts of obsessions! Food wise I am very much into Sushi, and I have been for years. It is probably my all time favorite food. I also love Diet Coke, even though I am trying to quit. I can’t stand not to watch Lost, Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill, and The Tudors (on ShowTime).. Right now I am really into Circus by B. Spears, How do you sleep by Jesse McCartney and Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band. Honestly I like all types of music, but lately I’ve been especially liking country. Honey I washed the kids soap by lush is also one of my favs right now.  I also have a weird obsession for white electronics, hence my white macbook and my white iphone. Oh – my iphone is my biggest obsession probably. I will never buy another phone – it is LOVE!

Q: Between school, YouTube, your blog, and your new Glitzy Glam store, do you have any free time?  What are your other hobbies?
I don’t have any time at all!! My university takes the majority of my time, so those three things are what I do in my free time. I am also in a sorority so I try to keep up with that, although it has been harder because I literally have no time at all! It’s nice though, I like to have projects going all the time so I feel busy as a bumble bee all the time!

Q: What are you studying in school?  What is your dream career?
I am a Communications major with a Law influence. I might end up going to law school, but lately I have been thinking I might want to do something with beauty journalism so we will see!

Q: Do you ever have buyer’s remorse for spending your hard earned money on products?
Not really! When I first got into making videos I went a little crazy, and honestly if I hadn’t stuck it out with the videos I probably would have regretted it a little bit, but now I consider it a full fledged hobby! Who can regret spending money on a hobby that makes you happy?


Q: What draws you to buy a certain product or brand of makeup?
I am a sucker for cute packaging. That is what gets me with some of the Mac collections – can we say Hello Kitty? But also I like to stick with a few key brands such as Mac and Nars just because I like when things look symmetrical.

Q: What are some of your absolute favorite beauty products?
Clinique Superfit Foundation is what I have used the longest in my life. I still use it to this day and I swear, I could sleep in it every night and still not break out (even though I don’t recommend that). I also love Feline Kohl Power by Mac, which is sadly limited edition. Also, Nars Laguna bronzer, Honey I washed the kids soap from Lush, and Mac Tendertones. Lately I am way into Bee Royal skin care products too – my skin feels nicer than ever.

Q: Out of your brush collection, which ones do you find yourself reaching for the most?
I use my 134 everyday for bronzer, and my 129 for blush. I hardly ever reach for my 187/188, even though they are good brushes. For eyes, probably my 224, 239, 227 and 219 – hardly ever my 217 (and I have 2 of those!)..

Q: Do you have any beauty secrets or tips that you think most other people don’t know about?
Ladies, wash your face EVERY SINGLE NIGHT no matter how tired you are! And use a good moisturizer. Oh, and never underestimate the power of a good eyebrow wax – these can do miracles. Also, if you are super stressed out or sad a pedicure can always perk me up ☺

Q: Is there anything that you collect, aside from makeup?
When I was little I had the biggest sticker collection of anyone that I know. I still have a strange love for stickers. I also collected beanie babies like a wild person – they are all in baggies in our bomb shelter now.

Q: Can you tell us some fun facts that we probably don’t know about you?
Well I am half Turkish. That fact is a bit surprising for some people but my mom is actually Turkish, which is where Blair and I get our cheekbones (or so I have been told). I absolutely love country music, but I didn’t use to. I have a stuffed moose named goose that has lived with me all 3 years of college. I think kittens are the happiest little creatures in the whole wide world, and I think having one in the house can help de-stress the entire “Feng Shui” of the house. I have 3 pieces of jewelry I never take off – a heart ring from Tiffany’s my dad gave me, a bead bracelet from Tiffany’s, also from my dad, and a square bracelet from Heartstrings that have my sorority initials in it that I got on initiation night. My parents live in a really old house that has a legit bomb shelter attached to it – complete with beds and hard helmets with lights attached.

Q: We want to play Pee Wee’s Playhouse.  Will you slip a “secret word” into your next video for our readers? The secret word is “Coolio”.
Sure will! Love secrets!

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