Confessions of a YouTube Makeup Guru: amynicolaox

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If you haven’t seen amynicolaox work her glossy magic on YouTube check her out here and of course, subscribe!

Q: What is your name?  Do you have any nicknames?
Amy is my first name & Nicola is my middle – Since my name is really short the only nicknames I rarely get are Ames or Mushlet, which is my childhood nickname.

Q: We usually see you sitting down on camera! How tall are you?

I’m about 5’6”, I have really long legs and a shorter upper body! Growing up I was always one of the tallest in class, but now I’ve averaged out!

Q: Does anyone ever tell you that you look like someone famous? If so, who?
Not really, I wish I looked like someone famous! In the past I have gotten the singer Brandy, but I don’t see that at all.

Q: What is your current profession? Do you like your job?

I’m a full-time student in my second year at University studying a Joint Honours program in Sociology and Communications, but I work part-time at AE. I love it there, because of all the great friends I’ve made; it doesn’t feel like work at all!


Q: When did you become interested in cosmetics and beauty products?
I’ve always been interested in beauty products, when I was young I used to get my parents to buy me those cheap makeup sets. Things just kind of evolved from there when I was 11/12 I was a lip gloss, silver eye shadow & mascara girl, throughout highschool I’d wear 100% Clinique.  I only got really seriously into makeup and following collections last winter!

Q: Who are your inspirations as far as fashion and beauty?
I get inspiration from a lot of things, from images in a magazine or promotional ad, to people I see walking around the street/mall, and models on the runway etc! As far as celebrities go it’s no secret that I adore Kim Kardashian’s make-up, I think she is flawless at all times and I adore the work of one of her makeup artists, Mario Dedivanovic! Adrienne Bailon & Megan Fox’s make-up are both usually on point lately as well.  As for style I think Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad all have good style although they’re each different in their own rights.

Q: What is your philosophy on makeup?
I think that there are no boundaries or rules as far as make-up is concerned! I don’t believe there is a “right” or “wrong” way to do things or specific trends everyone should follow. Make-up is fun and about expressing creativity and everyone has different tastes, so as long as each individual is happy in the way they look, that’s great!


Q: What are a few of your “obsessions” right now?
I get really obsessed with things, it’s pretty bad! Right now I love antijitos, buttercream fudge, Italian sausage, potato & swiss chard soup. I LOVE True Blood I look forward to that show way too much & the Twilight Saga. I love Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives & 90210 but  I’m mainly a reality TV junkie so I love The Hills, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, NYC Prep, The Real World, Real Housewives, The Rachel Zoe Project, etc. I love magazines too I have a set 5-6 that I get every month without fail!! Finally, I’m quite obsessed with Christian Louboutin shoes, I just die for them, but that’s an expensive obsession that doesn’t get instant satisfaction!

Q: Do you have any advice for someone who is wanting to start making YouTube beauty videos?’
If anyone is thinking about filming their first video, I’d say just go for it! Don’t be nervous, after all you’re only talking to the 4 walls around you! Try to relax and be comfortable in front of the camera, looking back on my old videos I can see how much my confidence level has risen! Also, don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time, sometimes I have to film videos over and over!!

Q: What are some of your favorite channels to watch on YouTube?

My favourite channels to watch are probably the same ones that everyone else loves to watch! I try to watch most of my subscriptions new videos and rate them! So if I’m subscribed to you, you’re probably my favourite.


Q: What got you started doing videos on YouTube?
It all started last year I was researching the Diorshow Blackout Mascara before I bought it and stumbled across lollipop26’s review video, from then I started watching her videos and through that and more research found other gurus who I loved to watch. At this time I started blogging, but one day one of my close friends came over and as she saw how much make-up I had and said, “You should really start making YT videos, since it’s obviously something you love & you could share it with like-minded people.” I thought about it, and she was 100% right, so I went out and bought a webcam, filmed my first haul and never looked back!

Q: Do your family and friends know about your channel? What do they think about your YouTube adventures?
My family has always known about my videos, because at the time when I started, I wasn’t working, so I asked my parents to fund my webcam. Because I want to be in PR my dad was 100% behind me, he thinks it’s great and kind of enhancing me that way. My Mum and older sister are really proud and use me as a resource and my younger sister wants to feature in a video! As far as my friends, my close friends know and some have found me without me telling them and they all think what I’m doing is amazing and are happy for me but other than that don’t really care too much! At this point I have some friends that do not know, not because I’m keeping it a secret, but because I’m just not really sure how to bring it up in conversation to them, I’d rather them just find out!

Q: How does it feel to have over 1,400 people care about you and your opinions?

I know I’m still a small baby in YT world but as cheesy as this sounds, I am ALWAYS amazed every time I see how many subscribers I have I never thought it’d grow to over 1,000 so quickly! I remember when I started almost 5 months ago I’d get so surprised and excited over everyone that hit that yellow button and when I grew from 10 to 20 to 100 I was always telling those that knew about my channel! I’m so grateful and thankful to each and every subscriber as well as to those who have helped me reach this point!


Q: What do you do to keep your channel a positive place despite all of the negativity constantly coming at YouTubers?
I honestly just try to let all the negativity roll off my back, I get that everyone’s entitled to their own opinions and there will always be people who don’t like what I do or something about me.  I know some people get personally offended by rude, negative or mean comments, but I just don’t respond or give them the time of day because I don’t know these people in real life, nor do they know me so their bad opinions of me really don’t matter. For that one person who has something bad to say, there will always be 10 people who counteract & make up for it, so it’s all worth it in the end!

Q: We know you love your subscribers! But is there anything that you get sick of being told or asked?

Not at this point no, I love answering questions and always have! I do find it a little funny though when people ask me what I’m wearing on my eyes/lips when I’ve mentioned it in the video or in the sidebar.

Q: Do you ever have buyers remorse for spending your hard earned money on beauty products?

Don’t get me wrong I do love everything I buy and don’t regret spending the money, but lately I’ve noticed I haven’t been using things I’ve bought recently so I need to take stock of what I have and rotate my products! That being said I’m not an impulse buyer, I plan out my make-up shopping trips and set a budget and wishlist and usually stick to it. Sometimes I used to think, if I saved money on make-up I could fuel my other addictions, but I just can’t help myself, so I guess the answer is yes and no!


Q: What draws you to buy a certain product or brand of makeup?

I am really a sucker for packaging and branding! I love cute product names too! The anticipation and the words “limited edition” get me all excited and drawn into all the endless MAC collections! However, once I’ve been lured in I always looked at the quality of a product; if it’s not up to par I won’t waste my money! I use a lot of MAC, NARS and Benefit because I definitely think they have all of the above.

Q: Do you have any classic “go to” cosmetic items?  What are a few of your favorites?
Definitely a few things that always work no matter how pressed for time I am are MAC MSF Natural, Studio Sculpt Concealer, Laura Geller Blush & Brightens, L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara or Clinique Lash Power Mascara, Stila Eye Kajals,  my go-to shadow look is MAC Tempting, Woodwinked and Carbon and for lips NARS Turkish Delight & Triple X & MAC’s Brave New Bronze or my YSL Rouge Volupte in #1 that you sent me <3

Q: Do you have any beauty secrets or tips that you think most other people don’t know about?

I know this is over-said but always wash off your make-up at night and drink lots of water to maintain good skin as that’s the basis of any make-up look! The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil range is fabulous for getting rid of any blemishes. Dark shadows as well as a thick line of liner on the top lash line makes eyelashes look shorter than they are, BUT a super thin line of liner smudged between top lashes can make them appear denser. Finally, to get rid of puffiness in the morning slice a cold cucumber and press it to the puffy areas to reduce swelling!

Q: Can you tell us anything that we probably didn’t know about you?
Hmm, I was a competitive artistic gymnast for 8+ years and broke a few bones doing it. I also was a figure skater for 3.5 years! Most people know this, but for those who don’t I am a British Citizen was born & raised there until I moved to Canada when I was 13! This September I will have been here for 6 years, time really flies!

Q: We want to play Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Will you slip a “secret word” into your next video for our readers? The secret word is “Magical”.
You know it, I’ll even try to keep a poker face!!

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