Confessions of a YouTube Makeup Guru: blairxxbeauty

If you haven’t seen blairxxbeauty work her glossy magic on YouTube check her out here and, of course, subscribe!

Q: Do you have any nicknames?
Well ever since I was a baby my dad has called me Dinky! Haha! But my biggest nickname is Blairzie.

Q: We usually see you sitting down on camera! How tall are you?
Oh goodness, everyone thinks I’m like 5’4″ but I’m actually 5’10″!

Q: Does anyone ever tell you that you look like someone famous? If so, who?
Lately I have been getting that I look like Audrina from The Hills, which I don’t see at all! But a lot of times I get told I look like Christy Brinkley..She was a model YEARS ago.

Q: When did you become interested in cosmetics and beauty products?
Ever since I was younger I have loved playing with makeup, but in November of 2008 I got my first “high end” makeup and that was bare minerals. I searched on YouTube and found videos about bare minerals and then found the beauty community. In December I made 1 video but deleted it shortly after. And then in about March-April I started doing videos regularly on my old channel Blairxx. But just recently I made a new channel Blairxxbeauty!

Q: Who are your inspirations for fashion and beauty?
I love the Victoria’s Secret models when they do the runway. They always have just beautiful makeup and I would die to do makeup for them one day.

Q: What is your philosophy on makeup?

I really think that makeup can enhance ones beauty. I really don’t think that makeup is for covering up flaws because our flaws make us who we are, so enhancing them makes us even more beautiful and original!

Q: What are a few of your “obsessions” right now?

Hmm, obsessions. Well although I do not have a real Louis Vuitton handbag, I have been obsessed with them lately! Shows, I love the show Ghost Whisperer, but my all time FAVORITE is One Tree Hill!

Q: What got you started doing videos on YouTube?
Like I said earlier I was just browsing for videos about bare minerals then came across the beauty community. I saw Macaholic18’s videos and got addicted! But sadly she quit making videos awhile back.

Q: Do your friends, family, and classmates know about your videos?
Yes! Although I don’t have classmates because I’m home schooled my family and friends know and they love it!

Q: How has YouTube affected your life?

I think it has made me learn more about myself and how to present myself. Also I think that its helped me grow and learn more about makeup and the purpose for it- not just to look pretty but to enhance certain things on my face and stuff like that! I’m going to be going into Cosmetology after I graduate and I really think that the beauty community is going to help me succeed with my career.

Q: You recently started a new channel, blairxxbeauty, and left behind blairxx. Where there any reasons for the new start?
Well, when I started videos I had no idea what I was doing and my Blairxx channel was just a YouTube channel I made so I could subscribe to people and favorite funny videos and upload silly videos of me and friends. So the reason for starting Blairxxbeauty was just kind of a fresh start.

Q: We know you love your subscribers! But is there anything that you get sick of being told or asked?
Oh my goodness yes! Haha. I really get sick of being compared to bigger gurus and getting accused of copying another guru and things like that. Also “why are you home schooled” question gets old after a while. But I guess that’s just a part of doing videos you know?

Q: Why do you think the YouTube beauty community attacts so much drama? Is there any way to avoid it?
I think it attracts so much drama because its mostly ALL girls, haha! Some girls love to start drama. Also I think the biggest part that starts the drama is the people who don’t make videos but leave rude comments and start awful blogs about people. But we all know that they wouldn’t say those things if they weren’t hiding behind a computer screen. Its awful that people like that use the computer screen as a shield.

Q: What are some of your favorite YouTube channels to watch?

I love MakeupbyTiffanyD. She is SO real and seems to really have a good head on her shoulders. Some others are tandcmitchell, saywhatcuteface18, xxalliecosmeticsxx, makinascene, simplyglamorousxx, and more. I am subscribed to so many people on my old channel I’m working on subbing to them all again on my new one! But those are just a few on the top of my head.

Q: What advice would you give someone wanting to start making YouTube beauty videos?

Be yourself is the main thing. Do not ask people to make shout out videos for you. If they are going to make a shout out video for someone its because they want to. Get some good lighting, and a good camera, and practice!

Q: Do you ever have buyers remorse for spending your hard earned money on beauty products?
Hmm. Sometimes. But most of the time I spend my money wisely and if I don’t feel like I really need the product I usually don’t get it.

Q: What draws you to buy a certain product or brand of makeup?
I hate to say it but the packaging! I am a sucker for glitter and pink. But since MAC is my favorite brand I would have to say they collections they put out and their never ending line of products.

Q: Do you have any classic “go to” cosmetic items?  What are a few of your favorites?
Oh of course! My absolute favorite primer is by Rimmel London Fix and Perfect. Another one of my favorites is my first MAC eyeshadow that I ever got in Sugarshot. I always go back to that color for a highlight. I think it goes with anything!

Q: Do you have any beauty secrets or tips that you think most other people don’t know about?
Hmm. I like putting my concealer on BEFORE foundation. I really feel like it sets a nice surface for smooth foundation. I also like to fill in my brows before I put my powder on. I don’t know I just feel like it goes on better that way. Haha!

Q: We want to play Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Will you slip a “secret word” into your next video for our readers? The secret word is “Snuffaluffagus”.
Oh my goodness I LOVED Pee Wee when I was little so of course I will sneak that word into my video!

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