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Glimmer. Gloss. Glow. and its authors do accept product samples for review, but do not accept any monetary compensation for review or recommendation.  An honest review will be given at all times of any given product to maintain the integrity of this webzine.  Personal opinions and needs are different, therefore outcomes and preference will vary from user to user.

Giveaways are open to all U.S. residents, unless otherwise specified, in accordance with law of your state, or country for specified international giveaways.  One entry per email address unless otherwise specified.  Subsequent entries will be deleted prior to drawing without notification. Glimmer. Gloss. Glow. will always choose winners at random using a random number generator and notified GGG Giveaway winners via email.  Should a winner not respond with their shipping address within 72 hours, we will redraw and the previous winner’s prize will be rescinded.  Shipment will be made within 3 days of the receipt of shipping address, via USPS, to the winners specified address or email address.  As many of our prizes are sponsor donated, Glimmer. Gloss. Glow. cannot replace or be held responsible for giveaway items once they have left our hands.  No replacement of prizes will be made for postal error or theft.  No exceptions.

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